Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I've arrived in Mendoza

The flight to Buenos Aires was fine and I got some kip in. Don't bother watching the film One Day; I wasn't a fan. Horrible Bosses on the other was a winner.

I had to cross town to catch the connecting flight to Mendoza. The process of buying a bus ticket for this journey made me quickly realise that my two Spanish phrases that enable me to:
a) order a beer; or
b) tell a girl that she is beautiful,
may not be enough to see me through my time in South America. I have now booked up a week's course on Spanish. This may prevent South Americans making the effort to learn English but needs must.

I had quite a wait at the domestic airport for my flight to Mendoza, but the edge was taken off this as they were showing a replay of Wigan v Man City. No hope of seeing the cricket though.

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