Sunday, 25 March 2012

Boca Jrs 2 - 2 Lanus

We were stood on the terrace behind a goal and opposite the hardcore Boca Jrs fans. The band struck up and there was plenty of flag waving.
First 40 minutes were fairly uneventful and there was a mad 5 minutes and Boca went in at halftime leading 2-1. The pace was a bit slower than the premiership and their first touch let me down a bit.
There was something we could borrow for the premiership; the referee had a can of spray paint which he used to made a circle for where a free kick should be taken and would then pace out 10 yards and draw a line behind which the defensive wall should line up. The paint would fade and disappear in a few minutes.
Lanus equalised early doors in the second half, and then had a third disallowed for offside.
With 20 minutes to go Boca found themselves down to 10 men after a player got a yellow card for insulting the ref, so he told him what he thought of that and got a red.
Boca didn't have the energy to win the game with 10 men and it ended 2-2.

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