Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lemaire Channel, Petermann Island and Vernadsky base

The weather is overcast for the Lemaire Channel but we see another ship ahead of us. Later we land on Petermann Island; more Gentoo penguins but a a few Adelie penguins. There is a monument on the island for 3 Brits who disappeared after visiting the island in the 1980s. The snow is covered in green and red algie.
Sea gets choppy but the crew still manage to take us to the Vernadsky base. We still the old British hut used from 1947 to 1954. The hut is pretty much as it was the day the left. Jars of Marmite still on the shelves. Must have been a tough posting. Only 5 there at a time for 15 months; must have been a tough posting. Then over to the new station, built by the British but sold on to the Ukraine who now run it. We get shown around and get I get my passport stamped, along with some postcards.

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