Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pleneau island and Paradise Bay

Still a bit overcast as we head back up the Lemaire Channel and stop at Pleneau Island. We cruise around the icebergs in the Zodiacs searching for wildlife and see a quite a few seals. There was a bit of a snow flurry and it definitely feels like the Antarctic.
Landing on Pleneau island we are treated to more Gentoo penguins but you don't bore of them. The youngsters were practising their swimming in pool in the rocks, going absolutely bonkers.

In the afternoon we anchor in Paradise Bay and the sun tries to come out. We chase a humpback whale around the bay but it gives us the run around.

We pick a clear piece of iceberg up in our zodiac and I suggest we make vodka luge out of it for the BBQ night that evening. All this ice and they have never thought of it before. Anyway, it goes down a storm and the tour leader said that they were going to store some ice and make one as part of their Equatorial crossing the line ceremony.

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