Monday, 14 May 2012

Salkantay trek - night 1

Having said it was a pretty easy day, it was a hard night. My 3 season bag wasn't really up to the job so I had to challenge Matt's layer wearing record. 4 layers of merino wool of various thickness and my finisterre jacket, long johns and two pairs of trousers. Wearing this inside my bag kept me from freezing.
It turned out the cold was the least of my problems. The herd of cows which we shared the campsite with were running around all night. One ran into my tent, luckily it was only a glancing blow but it made for a somewhat nervous night every time I heard the sound of galloping cows. (The morning light revealed that the hit and run cow had torn a hole in the side of the tent.)
Throw in a few avalanches and it resulted in a fitful night's sleep. The worse thing being the lack of pillow (I couldn't turn my finisterre jacket into a pillow as I was wearing it).

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  1. he he, What a night, that must have been quite scary..