Wednesday, 25 July 2012

London town

I've been there and now I'm back again. I've had a great trip and thank you to everyone who put me up/put up with me.
I'm not entirely sure what the future holds for me but I'm sure something will turn up.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Last night of travels

Heading back to Blighty tonight. Been there and now heading back. Lots of memories, even more photos and less cash. Still, beats working.

The Stone Roses

I finally got to see the Stone Roses play live. The band that came on the scene when I was 16. Caught then in Singapore with Carl, my old school mate.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wally Webb

Had the very sad news that my uncle Wally passed away. He was a real character and will be missed by so many. Walberswick won't be the same without him. My thoughts are with his family.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Last sunset in Oz

The sunsets on another country. Had a lovely time in Australia. Went out on the town last night. It had been Ladies' day at the races do all the Sheilas were dressed to the nines, and a few trannies as well. Only 3 fights in the pub, a quiet night all round.

Darwin military museum

I love a military museum and all the Aussie ones I've been to have been pretty good. Darwin's is no exception. Great exhibit on the bombing of Darwin by the Japs in WWII.

Katherine Gorge

A really long day travelling to Katharine Gorge and back. Pretty stunning spot.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Pub rules

Interesting rules in the outback pub. The barmaid was from Clapham. Unfortunately she didn't avail herself of free drinks.


I have just been walkabout in the outback, a 3 day trip to Kakadu. Lots of driving but some great scenery. Camped out under the stars and didn't get a wink of sleep because of the mozzies. Tweaked the nose if fear and put ice cubes down the back of danger and went swimming in the watering holes.

Monday, 9 July 2012

At the Top End (Darwin)

Had a bit of a heart attack when I arrived in Darwin. I went to the tourist (dis)information to book a hostel and was told that everything was booked up for days to come. I was planning to take emergency action and buy a tent (budget hotel would have cost nearly £100 a night!) but called a hostel to check and low and behold they had a bed for me. Thank the baby Jesus.


The end of the sportathon and luxury. 3 Aussie Rules games and the 2 codes of rugby in 10 days wasn't bad going. I must have wasted the other 5 days.
I was entertained and looked after royally by Jill and Robert, and then by Georgia and Durwin. Not looking forward to going back to a dorm.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Collingwood v Carlton

Georgia and I joined 76,000 others to watch Collingwood v Carlton at the 'G'. Cracking game and Collingwood's unbeaten 10 game run was brought to an end, the game finishing 62-85.
One of the many strange rules in Aussie rules is that a player can't be sent off. A Carlton player was completely taken out, knocked out before he hit the ground and the guilty player stays on the field and will have appear before a tribunal.

Storm in a tea cup

I went to watch Melbourne Storm v Canberra Raiders with Georgia and Durwin. The Storm went into the game top of the table but it appeared some of the players were suffering from a post State of Origin hangover. The Raiders were 13th in the table but thumped the Storm 40-12. Could have been more if they had their kicking boots on. Only 12,200 watching the game.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Melbourne old gaol

Grim old place. They no longer have Ned Kelly's armour displayed there, I had to pop down the road to the state library to see that.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Warm ride

This bike was covered in a knitted layer. No, I don't know why either. Art I guess.

Shocked and horrified

A tad disrespectful to their monarch.

Monday, 2 July 2012

MCG tour

I went on the MCG tour this morning. As you can imagine a stadium which now holds 100,000 has undergone considerable redevelopment. What it lacks in charm it makes up for in impressiveness. The museum under the members' stand was fantastic.

Wettest June on record in the UK

Don't worry I'm not missing out on the rain. It tipped it down in NZ and it's been pouring in Melbourne. I'll try and bring some sunshine home from the Northern Territories.

Geelong v Port Adelaide

I headed out to Geelong to watch them play Port Adelaide. There were constant showers throughout the game but luckily I was tucked under the only cover in an open stand, but it meant that it was their lowest crowd in 20 years (still c.14,000 there and it looked pretty full, and one stand was being redeveloped).
The first quarter was pretty close but then Geelong edged ahead and never looked back and finished 99-61 up.

Collingwood v Freemantle

Saturday, so it must be Aussie Rules at the MCG, Collingwood v Freemantle. Freemantle trail in the first quarter and never really challenge throughout the game. Collingwood stay top of the table with a 107-72 win. Probably around 40,000 there but the G holds 100,000. Would have been alot more there it was a Melbourne derby.

Melbourne Rebels v Queensland Reds

Sterling Mortlock's retirement game. He only lasts a half and the Rebels are never quite in it. The Reds run out winners 32-17. I had 2 free tickets so Robert came along to the game as well.

To Melbourne

I'm staying with Jill and Robert (Jill is my auntie Pam's cousin) for the weekend in Melbourne in their granny flat in the garden. They're wonderful hosts, treating me to breakfast at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I'm hemorrhaging money in Australia; it's bloody expensive. $10 for a pint. They are charge £135 to do the bridge climb; too steep for me. So I visited the pylon exhibition (left forefront) instead. A bit more affordable at $11.


I caught the ferry over to Manly and wandered up to 66 Darley Road, where Mum, Dad and Andrew lived for a couple of years at the start if the 70's.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Museum of contemporary art

Looks like she could do with a bra.
I liked the sculptures made out of starfish.


The Long Room, SCG. Apparently the pavilion pre-dates Lord's by two years. Lord's is more impressive though.

Bit of graffiti in the away dressing room.

Black swans

The famous Australian black swan. You have to be careful with them, they can break a man's arm with their wings.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dame Edna Farewell Tour

Went to see Dame Edna's farewell tour and it didn't disappoint. Sir Les Patterson held court in the first half and then Dame Edna reigned after the interval.
Sir Les repeatedly spat on a couple on the front row and then dragged them up on stage. It turns out (unbeknown to Sir Les [i think]) that it was the American Ambassador and his wife!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Australia v Wales

First test at the SFS since 1998, and Wales must be wondering how they ended up on the wrong side of a white wash. Met up with Scotch Al (Matt Carver's old uni mate) for the game.
The Welsh were too spread out in the stadium to get any real singing going so it was a bit lacking in atmosphere. Turned out to be a one point game, Australia running out winners at 20-19. A welsh kick had struck the upright early on in the second half. On such things games are decided.

Friday, 22 June 2012


I'm staying just around the corner from the harbour bridge and the Opera house. Caught up with Jen and Liz who I met in Chile. Great to see them again. They were on form, unlike me, I'm still suffering from some kind of lurgie. Really annoying. I've no appetite and feel I little sick the whole time.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Off to Oz

After a great 3 weeks travelling around NZ in the camper van it's off to Australia for a bit of a sportathon.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Brave little soldier

15 hours sleep in the back of a chilly camper van seems to have the trick and I'm feeling a bit more on form today. Man flu on holiday is no fun.

Man flu

Woke up to a touch of man flu today; not good. Thought it best to start heading towards Christchurch. Will hopefully be back on form in the morning.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Milford Sound

Technically a fjord and not a sound as it was created by glacial rather than river erosion; but you all knew that. Stunning scenery regardless, if not quite the weather to match.

Ireland v All Blacks

Unable to get tickets to the game so we watch the game at the Canterbury Club. Almost as gutted for Ireland as I was about not getting tickets.

Hanmer Springs

Bevan and I have a road trip to Hanmer Springs. Afternoon at the hot springs and then the pub and a curry. Bevan snored like wounded buffalo all night.


Staying with Bevan (old work colleague from Lloyd's) and family just outside Christchurch. I'm given a tour of some of the earthquake damage. Depressing stuff. It's ripped the heart out off the city.

Sharplin falls

I didn't have enough time to climb Mt Somner so had to be content with a walk to Sharplin Falls.