Friday, 27 January 2012

Little fluffy clouds

I have finished my Spanish course although it was probably more of a cultural exchange. Paula (my teacher) tried to teach me Spanish and I explained the rules of cricket and increased her English vocabulary with words such as "chillax" and "mankini".
She was nearly sick when I showed her a picture of Borat in his mankini.

It feels good to be moving again; I am heading to Malargue for a few days and then onto Bariloche for a week. I am beginning to get an idea of the vast size of the country; and only 40 million people.


  1. Rob First time have used this sort on communicating media so not sure if this will work or not. All that steak would put hairs on ones chest however, a little wasted in your case. from a very envious Tony Cheers

  2. Good to hear from you Tony. Looks like you're up with the technology. Only a couple of eagles to report so far, no condors. Hope all is well on the locals table,
    Cheers Rob