Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Crossing the Polar circle

We cross the Polar circle after breakfast and celebrate on deck with bubbly. The weather is a bit naughty and so the planned landing at Detail island is abandoned.
The station base there was abandoned in 1957 after only 3 years. The had to leave in a hurry as the ship could only get within 20 miles of the base. They packed hurriedly and set off across the ice with the dogs. When boarding the ship one if the dogs bolted and headed off across the ice back to the base. There was no time to try and fetch the dog and so the ship had to depart without him.
Two months later a lone husky turned up at the base at Horseshoe island. It was the escapee, well fed and waggling his tail after the trip across the ice. A plucky dog.
The weather worsens and we have to turn around and head north. No trips today so they happy hour at the bar instead.

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